Triptych and Arch (2011)
Acrylic paint on Carrara marble
Dimensions variable

Over a number of years I have explored the role of painting in performance art. I call my work ‘in-action’ painting (versus more traditional action painting) because most works were not painted by me, or I used a paint roller. In ‘Marble’ I opted for monochromes to paint shapes based on original Gothic and Renaissance works in the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin.

These works were a conceptual experiment in performance art. Because it is painting, it requires a lot of theorising to give this work legitimacy as performance. The works also reference my Greek heritage, weaving together the complexities of Eurocentric ideas of Hellenism and the contemporary mechanics of the Greek diaspora in Australia.

Through this work I challenged my artistic practice and explored working with a new material, marble. In my painting I tried to subvert the natural qualities of paint while simultaneously referencing the classical process of temple painting in which the marble temples were routinely embellished with colour. I went to visit the ancient Pentelic quarry outside Athens and I consider this research trip performative in its own right.