Lady Lala is an ageing hostess, glamorous and not as young as she used to be. Her best days are behind her, but she tries to maintain an aura of dignity and elegance that elicits poignant questions. What drives her? Is she the victim of too much surgery or not enough? What is her story?

I wanted to explore gender ambiguity using a character, Lady Lala, who had a life of her own. The audience only gets a glimpse of this existence, yet they can’t help but wonder what is behind her outrageous behaviour. She is a reminder of the consequences of old age: the old dear is likely to pee on herself and make a spectacle of it. I created a persona that was satirical, bold and uncontrollable.

Metamorphosis is one of the recurring themes in my work and Lady Lala is one of my most accomplished transformations. In this queer performance, I interacted with patrons in a foyer, the lines between performer and audience were blurred and there was no start or end. It was yet another example of my ongoing fascination with the abject and transgression.

There is great courage to be drawn from being behind a mask. It provides an often necessary permissiveness to do outrageous things and to become someone else. Lady Lala also displayed some puppet-like qualities; the audience could easily see that my realness was fake.