I am the descendant of displaced people. They were people who fled their homes in Europe to escape unbearable political tensions, just like millions today who are desperately trying to find a safe haven on these same shores. I am constantly on the verge of tears, as I helplessly watch a human tragedy taking place before our eyes. It leaves me filled with pain and grief.

In this performance I used symbols of crutches, an egg, the circle, salt, glitter and water to complement the driving force behind the project: pain. I made a concentrated brine so the egg would not sink when it was dropped into the glass pot of salty water. Countless lives have been lost as sea fleeing the suffering in their home countries.

Emotional pain is sometimes uncontrollable. I sobbed unconsolably, to make my pain public and have it witnessed and shared. Performance has a capacity to reach people, it can touch hearts as well as shock.