In the tradition of the surrealists, this work had its roots in a dream. I dreamt I was inside a terrarium and I was being painted green. This inspired me to create a body of work centred around becoming a plant.

I didn’t want to over-think what I wanted to express. Dreams are often strange and nonsensical and this installation was meant to be a raw realisation of my dream. In the installation an omnipresent green eye looks down towards a mirror with the words “I am a plant” etched onto it. During the performance, when I was confronted by a grass backdrop whilst standing upright there was a point of disorientation when I actually became a plant.

In ‘I an a plant’, this literal transmutation into a non-human entity served as a catalyst, and the audience was later invited to experience this sensation for the duration of the following exhibition.

To further realise this dream I made a series of objects, performances and an installation. Making objects leading up to a performance helps me to clarify and express my thoughts. By using my hands, I can make tangible ideas that would otherwise remain abstract. This includes dreams.