In 2007 I became fascinated by a collection of Gothic and Renaissance paintings is saw at the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin. The paintings were of important spiritual and classical themes. What struck me was the diverse shapes of the paintings and the relationship these shapes had to classical temple architecture. It is the understanding of beauty as explained through the mathematics of proportion that was fundamental in classical architecture. All works presented have used the proportions of the Golden Section in the formulation of the work. The Golden Section is a mathematical representation of the proportional growth found in nature. Also called the Golden ratio, Divine ratio and Golden section.

I have further considered this connection between ancient building and the pictorialising of spirituality in antique oil painting to explore ideas of beauty, purity, spirituality and the divine in my own marble paintings. They are however a very different kind of painting. In 2008 I travelled to the ancient Pentelic quarry in Dyonisus outside Athens. It was the primary source of marble for the Athenians for centuries. The quarry has been closed for 10 years as Dyonisus has become a haven for the nouveau riche and the ongoing noise and dust put a close to its operation. It was operational for centuries with stone having been carved 24/7 in recent decades. Countless quarried boulders are warehoused underground high in the mountains further inland. They are reclaimed one by one and processed into slabs for use in building and dust for use in cement. I was assured that there was decades of stone in storage.

Each work is a way of understanding something of the materiality of marble. Its practicalities as a natural material and its historical significance to my ethnic identity as a Hellene. Prelude: Works on Marble are experiments for future monumental work. I am presenting the first as a large marble work from 24 November 2011 at Artspace, Sydney, in an exhibition titled, Nothing Like Performance.

My Body, My Temple
Acrylic paint on Bianco Carrara marble
29 x 60 x 1cm

Shallow Ground
Automotive paint on Bianco Carrara marble
20 x 60 x 1cm

Yellow/Green : Diptych
Automotive paint on Carrara marble and MDF
44 x 33 x 2cm each (hanging dimensions variable)

Pink Square with Soft Edge
Acrylic paint on Elba marble & acrylic on ply
25 x 21 x 2cm

After Glow Edition of 5 (shelf units may vary)
Fluorescent paint on Carrara marble
28 x 36 x 2cm

Blue Vision as Icon
Automotive paint on Carrara marble
50 x 22 x 2cm

Square with Flaw
Acrylic on Port Lincoln marble
12 x 12 x 2cm

PMS* Homage
Acrylic on linen
30 x 17 x 2cm
*PMS: Pantone Matching System.
2011 Pantone Colour of the Year: Honeysuckle

Mudra: Stop
Acrylic on Pentelic marble & acrylic on ply
21 x 30 x 4cm

Serene Beauty
Acrylic on paper, styrofoam
44 x 32 x 1cm

Square Block
Automotive paint on Verde Patricia marble
8 x 8 x 2 cm