One year after my first surgical intervention to remove my breasts and nipple grafts. I take on the role of a patient in the performance Silent¬†Rooplacement. I am ‘operated’ upon by two ‘clinicians’, Della Deluxe and Dallas Dellaforce. There is a ritualised procession to the small room where the performance is to take place. Dallas Dellaforce clips off my chest hair, while Della Deluxe cuts kangaroo fur into a small bowl. They then proceed to paint my nipples black and apply the fur to my chest with glue. They tie kangaroo paws to my arms.

Throughout the performance I am operated upon and do little else. It was an orchestration of an action. This performance, like Sucking the Fat of the Land was a way of managing my personal anxieties about surgery and cultivating experience with ‘passivity’ during a performance.