The intention for The Getting of Wisdom was to climb Mount Olympus in northern Greece in July of 2008 to ask for wisdom from the Godess Athena. A mysteriously sore foot, poor organisation on behalf of my guide did not allow for my ascent to Mytikas (the high point). In a country steeped in superstition I find it difficult not to attribute divine intervention that thwarted my plans to scale the sacred mountain. It was the first performance I undertook by not doing something.

A few weeks leaving north Greece I went to the Parthenon in Athens to undertake the performance, Offering. It was the primary sanctuary and temple for the Goddess Athena. I made an offering of gum nuts that I had brought with me from Australia. In the process of this work I realised that wisdom is not something I could achieve by either climbing a maintain or asking for it.

PDF – Performance Announcement